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First published on 16 January 2023

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What happens when the fastest growing sport meets the fastest growing continent? Join one of our Nordic Webinar Tour events to find out.

In the coming weeks we will be hosting not but 1 but 3 evening webinar events for our Nordic friends in the padel community.

These info packed hour-long events will give you all the info you need to learn just why exactly Padel Africa is poised to bring Padel to Africa on an unprecedented scale, and how you can join this epic journey.

We will be joined on each event by a different special guest from the local Nordic padel community. The guest will join us to share their experiences and lessons learned in building and maintaining padel companies in Scandinavia.

Join on the date and platform that suits you best. Or if you prefer not to use Facebook or Linkedin fill in the form here.

Wednesday 18th January 8pm - 9pm: Swedish webinar with guest Erik Andersson
Erik will join us to discuss his unique insights into the Swedish padel market, insights learned through his years leading one of the Nordics top padel court providers - PadelTotal.
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Thursday 19th January 8pm - 9pm: Danish webinar with guest Frederik Bentler
As President of the Danish Padel Federation, Frederik has a unique perspective to offer, and insights to share on what Padel Africa might expect in establishing a new sport within a new market.
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Wednesday 25th January 8pm - 9pm: Norwegian webinar with guest Håkan Tollefsen
Håkan is a board member with Acenta House of Padel and has a unique perspective to share on building new padel lifestyle and infrastructure brand
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Supporting Padel Africa.

If you're interested in joining Padel Africa's mission to bring the fastest growing sport to the fastest growing continent, there are several ways you can get involved. As an investor, you can contribute financially to the development and growth of padel in Africa. As a supporter, you can help spread the word about Padel Africa and the sport of padel to your network.

Whatever role you choose to play, you'll be contributing to the exciting expansion of padel in Africa and the growth of a new, thriving community of players and enthusiasts.

Be sure to sign up for one of these Nordic webinars to learn more and find out how you can join the Padel Africa movement.