We're joining the Rapid Global Rise of Padel webinar

First published on 01 November 2022

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You all know how passionate Padel Africa is about bringing padel to new places and new people. So, we are very excited to be joining some lovely people with a shared passion, at next week's Rapid Global Rise of Padel webinar, which is being co-hosted by Padel 22 and InSport Education on 8 November at 10am GMT / 11am CET.

We can’t wait to discuss the future development of this fast-growing, amazing sport that is grabbing headlines all over the world with others who are heavily invested in it’s growth journey.

Our CEO and Founder Michael Mathiesen will be using his place in the panel to share his perspective on how padel can be the next BIG Africa sport - and also how in so many ways it is much much more than sport, it is a vector impact and positive change.

Micheal will be joining an excellent panel that includes host Ben Nichols of Padel 22 - and speakers Rowena Samarasinhe (MD at GENSport), Sandy Farquharson (Founder of The Padel School) Callum Beale (Tennis Australia).

For anyone that wants to listen in to this event, please do register at this link.